XpertHR is a Human resource software solution that helps support an organization small or big by providing tools to achieve strategic business goals, it is capable of responding quickly to changes in the industry and stay attentive to the needs of the HRM. The pace of change is increasing thereby intensifying the need for skill development.

In employee management, XpertHR helps record the number of employees according to division, keeps personnel records such as appraisals, search facility for easy finding of staff, Xpert HR saves time and risk when managing employee from multiple portfolio.

In training and development, XpertHR conduct customized training for maximum effect and appraisal system can be integrated into the recruitment process to constantly monitor individual training and development needs.

In attendance management, XpertHR incorporates biometric system for authentication, set an absence target for the organization, measure the employee absence rate, benchmark absence rate, organ

ize cover for long time sickness absence, conduct a return to work interview.

In task reporting, XpertHR helps to keep a finger on the pulse of the organization by tracking key workforce metrics. New trend and opportunities can be spotted early on and emerging problems can be addressed before they significantly impact the business.

In performance management, Every manager needs workforces who perform well, turn up to work on time and puts in effort to go the extra mile and by managing workforces properly there is no reason this cannot be achieved with XpertHR.

XpertHR is a solution developed by Vatebra limited.

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