Vatebra Tech Hub Launches Robotics Training in Ajah


Vatebra  Tech Hub (Powered by The Bank of Industry) is established to support start-ups and contribute to the development of the technology ecosystem in Nigeria. Vatebra Tech  Hub Programs includes Robotics training for students aged 6-21.

Today, technology is changing the way people do things across the world. This is the fourth industrial revolution that represents the fundamental change in the way we live, work, learn and communicate with each other.

Robotics is gaining momentum worldwide as a tool to reap benefits of foreseeable Artificial Intelligence future.  It is important to position young students to be equipped with relevant skills for the future while leveraging the advancement of robotics.

Robotics is an effective way of introducing programming to students, helps incorporate creative thinking, and soft skills like teamwork and perseverance and most importantly a fun way to learn STEM  while solving problems and building solutions.

Vatebra Tech Hub Robotics Lab is equipped with Lego EV3 kits, Lego Tetris, Arduinos, Humanoids, 3D Printer and Scanner, Drone with a capacity to train up to 30 students per session.

We are excited about the opportunity to train young students in Ajah environs and potential impact to drive digital capacity development which is part of our goal.

Application is currently open for the summer program. Interested Parents/Guardian can register

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