The Tech Hubs Of The World


Dubai is set to become a global tech hub or at least planning to according to the BBC. Tech hubs are now becoming a global normality with big countries being home to at least one tech hub. Here we look at tech hubs across the world and even a tech hub in South Africa”

Johannesburg, South Africa

Jozihub is a tech hub that is located in Johannesburg. According to their site, Johannesburg remains as the driving force of the African economy and the perfect destination for an incubator like JoziHub, which has been developed to boost and push forward innovation in the South African tech and social fields.

San Jose United States Of America

San Jose is the centre of Silicon Valley, the widely accepted capital of tech. Silicon Valley is home to the world’s biggest high-tech corporations like Apple, Google and Facebook and lots of startups.

London, United Kingdom

According to the Independent, the tech area in London has drawn on more venture capital investment in the first six months of 2017 compared to any other European city since the Brexit vote. Venture capital firms have pushed into the London tech sector over £1.1 billion.

National capital region (NCR): New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, India

The NCR collected a total of $3,35 billion from 138 deals this year. The numbers in NCR were pumped up by the wind energy firm ReNew Power which raised $100 million in structured credit.

Shenzhen, China

This city is the home to Chinese internet colossal, Tencent. It is also home to famous Chinese gadget creators like Huawei, makers of smartphones, to DJI who make drones. The city just overtook Guangzhou as the largest economy in the south of China.

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